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September 21 through 25


ART MOSCOW is renewed annually, not only presenting to the public new works, names and galleries, but also introducing vital changes, which deeply affect the development of the project. This year the number of experts in the Expert Council enlarged by entering foreign professionals from Great Britain (Rachael Barrett) and Germany (Anne Maier). The structure of exposition area was also altered. Following the international experience, ART MOSCOW offered the system of equal exposition area. Galleries are offered to stand out for the quality of their expositions but not for their size. During the 2011 ART MOSCOW representations appeared in international activities at key sites of the world art scene in Berlin, Cologne, London, Madrid and Basel. The result of foreign activity is the increased number of foreign participants and the expanding pool of foreign participants in mass-media.  

This year over 40 national and international galleries introduce their expositions at 15 ART MOSCOW Fair. Adora Calvo Gallery (Salamanca, Spain), Aidan Gallery (Moscow, Russia), La Acacia Gallery (Havana, Cuba), AL Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Alma Gallery (Riga, Latvia), Anca Poterasu Gallery (Bucharest, Romania), Art&Space (Munich, Germany), Atelier 2 (Moscow, Russia), Barbarian Art Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Black Square Gallery (New York, USA), Vostochnaya Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Gagliardi Art System (Torino, Italy), Gallery21 (Moscow, Russia), Green Art Gallery (Perm, Russia), Zvono Gallery (Belgrade, Serbia), Iragui Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Collage Habana Gallery (Havana, Cuba), Knoll Gallery (Vienna, Austria/Budapest, Hungary), Kiev Fine Art (Kiev, the Ukraine), Krokin Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Kultproekt (Moscow, Russia), Glaz Gallery (Moscow, Russia), M&Y Guelman Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Marina Gisich Gallery (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), Mironova Gallery (Kiev, the Ukraine), Nadja Brykina Gallery (Zurich, Switzerland), Pobeda Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Riga Gallery (Riga, Latvia), RuArts (Moscow, Russia), Temnikova & Kasela Gallery (Tallinn, Estonia), Triumph Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Fine Art Gallery (Moscow, Russia), FotoLoft Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Frolov Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Forsblom Gallery (Helsinki, Finland), Whitestone Gallery (Tokyo, Japan), XL Gallery (Moscow, Russia), Collection Gallery (Kiev, Ukraine), TSEKH Gallery (Kiev, the Ukraine).

ART MOSCOW presents not only galleries, but also personal expositions. This year it invites to see photo-works of Jeff Cowen, exhibition of Vitas Stasyunas, paintings of Rafael Reno, 3D-projects supervised by Liza Plavinskaya and exposition of young artists from Great Britain Translate/Transcribe. At the Fair there are expected lectures by Carlos Amorales and Adrian Notz, panel discussions from Artchronika magazine and Goethe Institute, panel discussion by Christies Auction House; creative workshops and seminars with outstanding representatives of contemporary art from Los Angeles and London. Artists and teacher Ian Gonczarow organizes with lecturers from British Higher School of Art and Design a series of lectures on theory and researches of contemporary art. A series of film screenings by Jason Underhill is also in the program.


Parallax of good and evil. Dualism of volume construction. Curator: Liza Plavinskaya

ArtMoth. Vitas Stasunas. Curator: Maria Chuikova

Kitchen-laboratory by Raphael Renaud. Curator: Ekaterina Iragi

Insight. Jeff Cowen Curator: Eric Schlosser

Translate/Transcribe. Curator: Ian Gonczarow

Tadjiks-Art. Curator: Kirill Shamanov

Russia - we need the actual culture!  “Russia - we need the actual Culture!" finalists' video show. The competition was held in conjunction with ART MOSCOW, British Higher School of Art and Design and RuTube.


September, 20:

4 p.m. – DNK Hall, ART MOSCOW press-conference  

5 p.m. – level 2, ART MOSCOW press tour

6 p.m. – DNK Hall, balcony, New Culture Festival press tour

7 p.m. – Roza Azora gallery. I Art Sandwich Biennale

September, 21:

2 p.m. – main hall, level 1. Official opening of ART MOSCOW fair

3 p.m. – hall 21 (level 3). Translate/Transcribe project presentation. Ian Gonczarow presents a brief tour of exposition

6 p.m. – British Higher School of Art and Design, lecture and debate. Artists-participants together with Christina Shteinbrecher and Alexander Avramov will tell about existing theories and researches in the field of modern art.

8 p.m. – courtyard, PLANETA LEM. New Culture Festival programme - world premiere of «Planeta LEM» performance by Biuro Podr??y, ground-breaking Polish theatre (grandiose multimedia installation with impressing decorations and illuminating effects, inspired by Stanislaw Lem’s prose).

September, 22:

3 p.m. – level 2 and level 3. ART MOSCOW excursion. Ian Gonczarow and the artists will conduct an excursion on Translate/Transcribe project, specially selected stands of ART MOSCOW and exhibition of Kandinsky Prize nominees.

4 p.m. - ART MOSCOW guide tour (provided by the organizers). Meeting at information desk.

September, 23:

1 p.m. – 3 p.m. – DNK Hall. “Ahead of the Curve: Works from the Peter Norton Collection.

What it is to be a private collector with a public responsibility”. A panel discussion by Christies Auction House. Moderator - Matthew Stephenson. Participants - collectors, artists, critics.

3 p.m. - British Higher School of Art and Design. Artist Benjamin Jenner will give a workshop and answer students' questions

4 p.m. – press centre. Carlos Amorales’s lecture (featuring Adrian Notz)

4 p.m. - ART MOSCOW guide tour (provided by the organizers). Meeting at information desk.

4:30 p.m. – the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Private Collections Museum. Round table “Foreign collectors of contemporary art"

7 p.m. - press centre, round table “Wie wandert die Kunst?” (How does art travel?). Project "The Moscow talks." Organizer: German-Russian Forum.  With the support of the German Embassy in Russia, Moscow German newspaper and the Institute of International Relations. Participation is by appointment only – Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

September, 24:

2 p.m. - press centre, round table “Art-school: how to become an avant-gardist”. Organizer: Artchronika magazine

4 p.m. - FotoLoft stand  (8-23). Opening of the exhibition “Empty Spaces” by Katja Belkina

4 p.m. - ART MOSCOW guide tour  (provided by the organizers). Meeting at information desk.

6 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. - WINZAVOD (1/6, 4 Syromyatnicheskiy pereulok,). WINZAVOD evening vernisages.

7 p.m. - press centre, presentation of the album by Aleskey Talaschuk

September, 25:

4 p.m. - ART MOSCOW guide tour  (provided by the organizers). Meeting at information desk.


ART MOSCOW has been held since 1996, this year it celebrates the 15th anniversary.  

Expert Council: Josef Backstein  (Russia), Marat Guelman (Russia), Hans Knoll (Austria), Aidan Salakhova (Russia), Yelena Selina (Russia), Christina Steinbrecher (Germany), Rachael Barrett (Great Britain), Anne Maier (Germany).

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